What happens if it rains on your wedding day?


December 11, 2020

I get asked this by my couples a LOT- ‘what happens if it rains on our wedding day?’ It’s up there with the most asked questions so I thought I would write my thoughts on a little blog! so you can get the info you need to relax and be prepared as you can be..

We do live in the UK and our weather is unpredictable at best! Even if you book a summer wedding you can’t guarantee sunshine, so here are some top tips if it rains on your wedding day.

So you’ve been planning your dream wedding for a year or 2 and the day finally comes.. you’re hoping for sunny fizz on the lawn and bare shoulders.. I really feel for your disappointment if it does lash it down but fear not! there are ways to be prepared.. and even dare I say it..embrace it!

Firstly I think photos on a rainy wedding are actually sooo romantic. Think rainy reflections.. kissing under an umbrella, it’s not all bad rain can actually enhance your wedding photos.

Umbrellas – my no.1 tip is to get a few clear or white umbrellas (I also always have a couple of these to use if needed) so if it does happen to rain during your photos you can stay relatively dry and we can still get outside for photos

Even on a rainy day it rarely rains ALL day, so if there is a break and the sun pops out from behind the clouds we can always grab another 10 minutes outside a bit later in the day to get a few more photos. I always encourage my couples to embrace it if it does rain and with an umbrella or 2 we can still get outside for your couple photos.

At most venues there is also opportunity to get some photos inside, or in doorways or under shelters too.. so if you really didn’t fancy going out in the rain there are always other options.

Bring spare shoes – if you plan to wear epic heals, think about bringing spare shoes in case of rain, or even wellies can look pretty cool!

Have a contingency plan – speak to your venue about if it rains is there an area inside for drinks and guests to mingle? Is there a well lit area inside or under cover for group photos?

Get Inspired – look on Pinterest for rainy day wedding photos, get inspired and excited – you can still have fun and have a lovely day in the rain.

Don’t be too precious about your dress. Ok, I know you’ve spent the most ever on your dream dress and yes you look AMAZING, but by the end of the day if it’s sunny or wet, whatever happens, your dress WILL get a bit dirty, sweaty, and if wet muddy around the bottom. But fear not – dry cleaning works wonders, so you may as well enjoy yourself and have the best day ever!

Don’t worry about it. So as we just can’t control the weather, there really is no point worrying about it. Be prepared, have ideas of how your day will go if dry or wet, and on the day go with it!

The most important thing is that you are getting married to your soulmate with your nearest and dearest, and however the weather is you will have lots of fun, laughter, and joy and you WILL have the best day whatever the weather!!

It’s actually said to be lucky if it rains on your wedding day too..

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