quick facts about me

 I'm a wedding photographer with a focus on naturally beautiful imagery in a relaxed, modern style. I'm all about capturing true love and happy moments. I love using natural light and get a bit excited about golden hour! I've been shooting weddings since 2016 and love it!

I capture your day in a natural, relaxed and unobtrusive way. I have lots of tricks and techniques to get you relaxed, laughing and being your true lovely selves in your photos, and even enjoy the experience! no cheesy posing, just chilled, natural photos. Sound good? - send me a message!


I love collecting memories, barefoot beach walks and watching sunsets, laughing so hard you cry, having adventures and chasing dreams!


+ I'm a little bit addicted to coffee. Also love a cocktail - mine's a lemoncello spritz!

+ I love being by the sea and dream of a place in the sun one day!

+ I've been photographing weddings since 2016

+ my fave food is sushi

+ I love Greece and have been to the mainland and 10 islands so far!
+ I have a degree in Architecture

quick facts about me

My photography style is relaxed and natural, artistic and modern with a dash of whimsy and a sprinkle of romance!

My aim is to create naturally beautiful images of authentic moments and capture the true essence of you and your love story with a relaxed, un-obtrusive approach. 

My photography has a timeless and emotive style so when you look back on them in years to come, I hope you will not only remember how you looked, but how you felt.

and my favorites

my style

If i'm not at a wedding or shoot you'll find me in a coffee shop with the hubby or having brunch with a friend.

I might be at a yoga class or visiting an art gallery, maybe doing a bit of shopping, or at a garden centre!

brunch and coffee

my WEEKEND style

I love a classic latte. Sometimes a flat white to mix it up. Definitely an iced latte on a hot day, and always a chai latte in winter. Yes I did say I was a bit addicted!!
Sometimes decaf of course!

how about you?  


my go to

Initially I was drawn to photography because I love being creative. But lately I've realised how important photography is for capturing memories and moments in time we don't get back.

I love that I can capture the most treasured and happiest moments in someones life so they can relive them again and again.


why i became a

I love all seasons for different reasons but the anticipation of new beginnings in Spring, the blossom and the warmer days are lovely.

I also love Autumn for the crisp cool days, cosy jumpers and crunchy autumn leaves. Oh and the PSL or chai lattes of course! 

is spring and autumn

my favorite season

I particularly love the Mediterranean and It's the Greek islands that have my heart. I'm hoping to explore some of the smaller ones soon..

I also love St Ives in Cornwall for its arty charm and beautiful beaches and keep going back.
Next I'd love to visit Iceland & New Zealand!

place to visit

my favorite

My love for photography began with A-level photography and a love of black and white fashion photography. Fast forward a few years and I had a job as a cruise ship photographer for a short time. I started weddings in 2016 photographing a friends wedding and I haven't looked back since!

I love to capture weddings that are relaxed, full of love and with handmade, personal touches. I've photographed weddings in Cotswold barns, family farms, Welsh castles, abbeys, film studios, country houses, village halls, woodlands and a boat on the Thames. I'll travel anywhere for a good wedding!

It all started back at school with rolls of film, a dark room and the smell of developer.

my photography journey

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!